No1 Lounge Collection

Discover a smarter way to depart with the award-winning No1 airport lounge collection and put the glamour back into flying, whatever your airline or class of travel. No1 offers lounges in a number of UK airports: Heathrow, Gatwick, Edinburgh and Birmingham.

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Each lounge has its own kitchen, producing freshly-prepared hot and cold dishes from our seasonal menu*. You can also help yourself to a range of delicious complimentary treats and snacks from our pantry table, offering a selection of items that vary throughout the day, such as cereals, pastries, salad, bread and cheese, cakes and fresh fruit.

*Lounge entry includes one dish from the Bistro menu. Additional dishes are available for an extra charge.

All lounges are equipped with a fully-tended bar that is open all day. Tea, coffee, soft drinks, wines, beers and spirits are complimentary, with champagne and tailor-made cocktails available for an additional charge, from £4.

No1 Lounges reserve the right to limit alcohol consumption. Further to this, alcoholic beverages may not be taken away from any lounge.

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All lounges offer complimentary Wi-Fi and desktop internet access. Prior to using the Wi-Fi on your device, you must open an internet browser and log in (using the supplied password) to avoid any data or other charges. Each lounge offers internet access, a diverse collection of games, widescreen TVs and other entertainment options. Heathrow Terminal 3 is also equipped with a cinema room.


You can arrive at the lounge three hours prior to your flight time. Additional hours may be purchased in advance or within the lounge if required. If your flight is delayed and you wish to stay in the lounge longer than booked, you can pay for additional hours at the time. Online bookings will automatically calculate an arrival time that is three hours prior to your selected flight time. This coincides with the opening times of many airline check-in desks. You can leave the lounge and return at any time during your stay, although you will need to keep your luggage with you at all times.

All lounges are equipped with flight information screens, so you won't have to leave the comfort of the lounge to find out about your flight. Please note that, so you’re not disturbed while you are in the lounge, no flight announcements are broadcast and No1 lounges cannot accept any responsibility for missed flights.