For over 30 years, Virgin Atlantic has been the longhaul airline for people who want flying to be a thrill. Every year, it flies over six million of those people to top business and leisure destinations around the world.

Step onboard and you’ll experience a unique spirit and sense of adventure brought to you through friendly, intuitive service. Along with plenty of innovative touches that make your journey feel really special. So whether you’re travelling for work or pleasure, with Virgin Atlantic your journey’s a springboard to grab life and ‘let it fly.’


  • Start your holiday by easily managing your booking at Choose your seat in advance* via fast online or mobile check in.
  • Relax onboard in your comfy seat with 31in (over 78cm) seat pitch. Or buy even more space with an Extra Legroom or Exit Row seat.
  • Choose from three tasty meals, plus complimentary drinks and snacks throughout.
  • Settle in with the latest and greatest award winning entertainment.
  • Stay connected with onboard WiFi**.
  • Know the kids are looked after with special movies, meals and activity books.
  • On night flights, freshen up with your Relax Pack then sip a soothing hot chocolate and take a snooze.
  • Enjoy our intuitive, personal service throughout

*You can choose your seat for free within 24 hours of departure, or from £25 (£50 per round trip) in advance of this. **Available on selected flights for a fee.


Premium Economy

  • Speed through the airport thanks to special priority check in and boarding.
  • Relax preflight with a glass of welcome bubbly and newspaper in our dedicated cabin.
  • Recline on your wide leather seat with headrest, footrest and 38in (over 96cm) seat pitch.
  • Enjoy your choice of three delicious main dishes, upgraded with china crockery, cutlery and linen.
  • Finish your meal with an after dinner liqueur.
  • Snooze or freshen up on night flights with the help of your Relax Pack.
  • Stay connected with inseat power and onboard WiFi*.
  • Help yourself to tempting snacks and soft drinks whenever you like.

* Available on selected flights for a fee.


Upper Class

  • Enjoy the effortless comfort of complimentary chauffeur driven car* transfers to and from the airport.
  • Take time out in our incredible Clubhouse**, choosing from varied dishes and fine wines.
  • Onboard, relax or socialise at the Upper Class bar.
  • Stretch out in your super comfortable Upper Class suite.
  • Stay connected with inseat laptop power and onboard WiFi***.
  • Finish off your imaginatively designed meal with cheese and port.
  • Enjoy a great night’s sleep in your spacious, fully flat bed, with the help of your Relax Pack.
  • On landing in the morning at London Heathrow, get ready to take the day on at our Revivals lounge.

*Chauffeur driven car service available at most destinations with selected Upper Class fares (J, C, D & I class). Mileage restrictions apply. ** Lounge facilities vary at each destination. *** Available on selected flights for a fee. † Open daily 5.00am-1.30pm.


Virgin Atlantic and Delta Air Lines®

A smarter partnership. Redefining transatlantic business travel.

Funway Holidays is delighted to be working with Virgin Atlantic and Delta Air Lines®: an airline partnership that helps you work and fly flexibly. How? By offering competitive fares and a large network (over 200 destinations in North America), along with convenient travel planning and reciprocal frequent flyer benefits.

Onboard, you’ll enjoy the warm, personal service both airlines are famous for and a refreshing sleep thanks to a fully flat bed. To top and tail your journey perfectly, there are innovative lounge and transfer options. In fact, Virgin Atlantic and Delta are redefining transatlantic business travel. A smarter partnership indeed.