When you're looking for the best family resort holidays in the Caribbean, there's no place better than Beaches, where our all-inclusive family holidays offer something for everyone.

For Babies & Toddlers
While you enjoy our all-inclusive family resorts in the Caribbean, we take care of your babies & toddlers with nannies certified in accordance with an accredited U.S. university. Our nurseries are sparkling wonderlands full of toys, cribs, and everything else needed to cradle tiny tots in comfort. Your kids are always in good company with their world-famous "best friends" from Sesame Street®. And come evening, we have even more in store for them with Sesame Street®. parades, nightly stage shows, and more.

For Tweens
What's a tween to do at our all-inclusive family resorts in the Caribbean? Go full speed, go all out. Try this, do that, make cool friends from all over. Go sailing, waterskiing* and snorkelling. You might even want to learn to scuba dive^. Play beach volleyball, "sand soccer" and all the Xbox 360® games you can handle. Twist and shout down water chutes or on the dance floor. Strut your stuff and show off your style at the fashion show, sing karaoke, and join the night-time talent shows. The good news: it starts all over again the next day. Yes, Tweens Rules!

*At selected resorts. ^Terms and conditions apply.

For Teens
Your parents already paid the bill, so from here on out, everything's included. Do what you want — sail, windsurf and snorkel along colourful reefs. Maybe you want to chill. We have just the place, a teens-only Beach Shack. Or hang at Trench Town with everything from hoops to foosball. And, just like you'd expect in the Caribbean, there are non-stop reggae jams to keep you moving with the beat. At the Xbox 360® Play Lounge, tournaments include games so new, some haven't been launched on the streets yet. Beaches all-inclusive teen-friendly resorts are the only places where there are no rules ever, so do whatever you want, whenever you want!