Travel Advisories


Chemicals produced by Florida red tide, may irritate pre-existing respiratory conditions including asthma. Persons with asthma are advised to bring their inhaler to the beach during a red tide or avoid the area until conditions improve. Some swimmers experience skin irritation and rashes after swimming in waters with a severe red tide. They have also reported eye irritation from the sea foam. In some red tides, dead fish wash ashore; during these conditions it is advised that beachgoers avoid swimming in water where dead fish are present. Customers on holiday in the region should follow any advice or instructions issued by the local authorities and their accommodation providers. Information provided by the Florida Health Authority can be accessed via this link The latest updates from the conservation commission which details the affected beaches can be accessed via this link


Some hotel beaches in the Caribbean and Mexico are currently affected by an increased level of seaweed. This is known as Sargassum which is a natural occurrence and is changing on a daily basis influenced by weather patterns and sea currents. For safety reasons, from time to time the water based activities may not be available in these destinations. Please be assured that affected hotels are using their best endeavours to remove seaweed as quickly as possible.


The Yosemite National Park and valley area is closed indefinitely due to the impact from the Ferguson Fire. These wildfires have not only caused closure in the area but have affected the air quality and visibility, which are currently described as very poor. We are monitoring the wildfires closely and will contact customers should there be any changes required to their holiday.


Check the status of your flight before you travel
Ensure that you have checked with your airline that your flight is still scheduled to depart. In the case of any cancellations or delays the airline will be able to provide information on their policies for ensuring that you still reach your required destination. Alternatively you can contact us on 0208 290 9754 and select option 2.

Keep calm and collaborative
If your flight is delayed or cancelled, we understand that this can be distressing and appreciate your patience. Whilst any flight cancellation and/or airport closure is an unlikely event, the safety of our customers is of primary importance to us. It is essential that whilst you are in resort that you continue to follow local and government authority advice during this difficult situation.

Provide the airline with your contact details
We also strongly recommend that you provide the airline with your mobile telephone contact details and email address so that they can inform you about changes to your booking, the airline won’t pass this information on to third parties.

If your flight is booked with an airline from within the European Union
If you are travelling with an EU based airline and they have cancelled your flight, you will be entitled to re-routing at the earliest opportunity, or a reimbursement to the value of the cancelled journey. If you choose the re-routing option and the replacement flight is going the next day or later, you are usually entitled to recover costs for reasonable accommodation, meals and refreshments (non-alcoholic) while you wait, as well as two free phone calls, faxes or emails. If you have incurred unexpected hotel and living expenses then keep all receipts for the expenditure and contact the airline directly on your return home. In most cases the quickest way to claim these expenses back is to complete claim forms on the airlines website.

If your flight is booked with an airline from outside the European Union
If you are travelling with a non-EU based airline then they do not have any obligations regarding passenger assistance when a flight is delayed or cancelled. You should ask the airline whether they will voluntarily provide assistance as part of a customer service policy. But failing that you should also contact your travel insurance provider and determine what cover is available under their policy. Typically travel insurance policies include the ability to re-book another flight with the original airline, subject to availability.

Funway Holidays' 24 hour helpdesk
When you are in resort and need assistance you can contact the Funway Holidays’ 24 hour helpdesk on: 001414 934 1505

Zika Virus

The Center for Disease Control, CDC has issued a travel alert for specific destinations due to the Zika Virus. Please see the website for more information.

Canada Esta – From 15 March 2016

Whilst we currently have limited information regarding the implementation of a digital travel verification system this will be a requirement from March 2016. We understand that there will be a $7 fee and it is valid for 5 years. For further information please contact: The ETA, is a confirmation of a foreign national’s eligibility to travel to Canada. While quite similar to the typical visa, the ETA application will be conducted online. The Canadian ETA system will affect foreign nationals from countries that are visa-exempt, namely travellers hailing from select nations in Europe as well as individuals from New Zealand and Australia.

Meanwhile, foreign nationals from countries that are not visa-exempt will not have to file ETA applications as there is a separate travel verification process specifically allotted for them. A traveller will log onto the website of the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and apply for an ETA by submitting required personal information such as name and date of birth and possibly a copy of one’s fingerprint, too. Authorisation to travel will then be dispensed via the site and the traveller will need to print this out and submit to the appropriate officials together with other travel documents prior to leaving for Canada. Since persons deemed undesirable or inadmissible, such as those with criminal records or those with no-fly orders, may be identified more effectively through the ETA system, then their entry into the country may be prevented.

USA ePassports

From 1 April 2016, all travellers wishing to enter the US under the Visa Waiver Programme will need to hold a passport with an integrated chip (an ePassport). British passports issued since October 2006 are ePassports and carry this internationally recognised symbol on the front cover. Those travelling under the VWP arriving by air or sea should provide details online at least 72 hours before travel. This is known as an Electronic System for Travel Authorisation or ESTA. If you do not have an ESTA you’ll be refused travel to the USA. For more information, and to apply online, visit the official ESTA website.

USA - FROM 21 January 2016: Approved ESTAs for entry into the US for those who have previously travelled to Iran, Iraq, Sudan, and Syria, or for those who hold dual nationality of these countries.

Approved ESTAs for entry into the US for those who have previously travelled to Iran, Iraq, Sudan, and Syria, or for those who hold dual nationality of these countries, could be revoked from 21 January 2016 following a change to the VWP qualifying rules. You are advised to check with the nearest US Embassy or Consulate before travelling to determine if you need to apply for a visa.

Changes to on-line information on the ESTA website about the new rules are not expected to be made until the end of February 2016. Therefore, if you have doubts about whether you're eligible to enter the US under the VWP, or if you have any questions about visa matters generally, you should contact the nearest US Embassy or Consulate for advice.