Explore Québec with Funway Holidays

With 22 regions, Québec is Canada’s largest province, occupying a territory almost three times the size of France. Combining stunning natural landscapes and cosmopolitan cities, Canada’s most European province has deep-rooted culture and history, as well as being a rising star in gastronomy. Known as the ‘Cradle of Canada’, the province of Québec is the second most populous province in Canada, boasting of a wide array of cultures, making Québec a melting pot of traditions and festivitiesMost of its inhabitants live in the bustling metropolis of Montréal or Québec City (the capital of the province), which are located in the south of the province, connected by the Chemin du Roy highway along the Saint Lawrence River. The river traverses the Canadian provinces of Québec and Ontario, and is part of the international boundary between Ontario, Canada, and the U.S state of New York.French explorer Jacques Cartier is known chiefly for arriving at the St.Lawrence narrowing and giving Canada its rightful name. ​ 

The province of Québec is home to vast protected areas, national parks, forests, mountain ranges, rivers and lakes reserved for wildlife species including black bears, moose, grey wolves, harp seals, up to 14 different species of whales including the blue whale. Québec offers year-round outdoor adventure activities from ice canoeing, dog sledding and alpine skiing in the winter months, vineyard touring and cranberry harvesting in the autumn, and white water rafting and swimming with seals in the summer as well as very many others! ​ 

Québec is unlike the rest of Canada and North America. Not only are there mixed origins from Indigenous to French and British, but the province has a unique culture, architecture, music and food. Québec – meaning ‘where the river narrows’ – is a vibrant multicultural province, often earning it recognition as the “Europe of North America”.


The cities of Québec reflect their inhabitants: welcoming, diverse, creative and lively—in both summertime and wintertime. The cities are full of history and just a hop, skip and jump from the great outdoors. Québec City, for example, is the cradle of French civilization in North America, with a historic quarter that was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Montréal, cosmopolitan and remarkably festive, is the secondlargest French-speaking city in the world. It boasts a rich cultural scene, innumerable festivals and events, vibrant, colourful neighbourhoods, and four internationally renowned universities.

Whether your customers love hiking, adventure trips or water sports, Québec offers countless well-marked trails and outdoor activities for enjoying nature in all its glory all year long. Québec has 30 national parks located throughout the province.

These parks boast untamed wilderness with astonishingly diverse landscapes, flora and fauna. You can experience black bear and beaver watching tours, moose watching expeditions and a dingy ride to see the biggest mammals on our planet like the beluga, fin whale and blue whale. Customers can spend the day exploring or stay overnight by taking advantage of the many accommodation options in the great outdoors such as glamping, camping and chalet options, as well as your boutique style hotels and luxurious chateaus and manors.​ 


Québec is famous for its food including world-famous poutine and delicious maple products that are loved far and wide. But Québec cuisine is also about the savoir-faire of highly talented chefs who, through curiosity and daring, contribute to making this province a destination for food lovers everywhere.

The culinary landscape is further shaped by microbrewers, winemakers, cheesemakers, chocolatiers, and other homegrown artisans and producers who provide a taste of local specialties. Markets, festivals, events and gourmet tours will make anyone’s mouth water. Bon appétit!


Québec is known around the world for the quality and diversity of its festivals and events found throughout the province. When such contagious joie de vivre is paired with creativity, it’s no wonder they celebrate 12 months a year!
Music, comedy, gastronomy, film, artistic, cultural and sporting events – everything is an opportunity for customers to experience memorable moments. Make sure you take your clients to Igloofest or Carnaval du Québec for some icy fun or for something more eclectic, the circus or street art festivals in Montréal over the summer months.​